Our mission is both simple and challenging: To set the highest standards of commitment, performance and achievement that we can, and to surpass these same high standards whenever we can. It means taking pride in everything we do, both personally and professionally, and never settling for an easy answer or a solution out of habit. We know that true leadership understands risks and takes them anyway, and that consistency and thoroughness are the surest paths to prosperity. We serve our client's best interests with resourcefulness and flexibility. We exceed their expectations through efficiency, innovative thinking and well-designed products. We refuse to be intimidated by limits and champion the right to be as successful as we can be.

Take a Look at Our Careers

Half the battle of getting a great job is finding a great company to work for. Seaton is the company for great people like you. Apply online or email your resume to resumes@seatoncorp.com.

Location Company Job Title
Chicago, IL Staff Management 3rd Shift Payroll Coordinator
Chicago, IL StudentScout Application Integration Engineer
Chicago, IL Staff Management Data Analyst
Chicago, IL Staff Management Payroll Coordinator
Chicago, IL Staff Management Supplier Manager
Hackettstown, NJ Staff Management Shift Supervisor
Houston, TX Staff Management Operations Supervisor
Indianapolis, IN Staff Management High Skilled Recruiter
Iowa City, IA Staff Management Shift Supervisor
New York, NY Staff Management Retail Operations Supervisor
Patterson, CA Staff Management On-Site Manager
Philadelphia, PA Staff Management Client Services Coordinator
Philadelphia, PA Staff Management Recruiting Coordinator
San Jose, CA Staff Management Program Manager
San Jose, CA Staff Management Program Supervisor
San Jose, CA Staff Management Recruiting Manager
Secaucus, NJ Staff Management On-Site Manager
St. Louis, MO Staff Management On-Site Manager
St. Louis, MO Staff Management Recruiter
Sussex, WI Staff Management Client Services Coordinator
Tracy, CA Staff Management Director of Operations
Tracy, CA Staff Management Engagement Manager

*For these positions, we prefer the candidate be bilingual (English & Spanish)

Last updated on 11/25/2015